1295: Infosys Finacle - The Tech Serving 1 Billion People


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As banking systems struggle to survive the impact of the current pandemic, customers look to their banking providers seeking financial aid, stability, and accessibility to banking services. Before the pandemic, banks were figuring out how to renovate their legacy models and deploy advanced technologies.

Fast forward to 2020, and banks are suddenly on the fast track to not only replace traditional operational tools with digital options but meet increased demand and provide full-fledged services to customers without displacing the trust that existed before.

John Dangoia, Head of Product Management for the U.S. and Europe at Finacle, is a dynamic product and operations executive with 25+ years of experience leading growth in industry-leading banking and insurance businesses. Before joining Infosys, John was Vice President of Product Management at Fiserrv in support of the company’s Financial & Risk Management Solutions (FRMS) Group.

Finacle is used by leading banks in over 100 countries to serve more than 1 billion people and has aided numerous banking systems with their digital transformation initiatives. Finacle is part of EdgeVerve Systems, a subsidiary of Infosys.

We discuss how the shutdown of physical branches and manual processes being unavailable have led to the profound significance of the access to digital services. But banking modernization has suddenly become an urgent feat, leaving banking management questioning which programs genuinely make a difference to the end-user.

We explore why focusing on providing solutions that offer the most significant relief to customers is imperative during a crisis, and the banking system’s role in helping the economy recover from a global pandemic.

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