993: Biotechnology And The Future Of Precision Probiotics


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After reading about that Bill Gates believes that Probiotic pills could bring an end to malnutrition, I felt compelled to out more about how biotechnology is changing how and what we eat. My online search quickly led me to Sun Genomics, which is harnessing the power of genomic sequencing to improve the quality of your microbiota.

Sun Genomics is a unique precision probiotic that creates a custom-formulated probiotic tailored to one's unique DigestiveDNA and is the world's first tailored probiotic.

After reading more about the San Diego-based custom probiotic startup, and I invited their CEO, Sunny Jain onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about the story behind the Company.

Sun Genomics was founded by CEO, Sunny Jain in 2016, and the Company's story began with the birth of his son. When his son began suffering from digestive distress, Sunny went to find a probiotic. But he quickly found himself standing in front of the probiotic aisle AKA the "Wall of Confusion."

Sunny quickly realized there wasn't a probiotic solution available. Instead of choosing a supplement at random, Sunny took tons off the shelf that day, and instead of going home, he went to the lab and began testing probiotics, sequencing his son's gut microbiome, and researching strains that best matched his son's gut microbiome analysis.

Sunny reveals what customers should be looking out for when staring at the endless list of probiotics. He also reveals more about biotech startups and their role within the health ecosystem to solve major health crises beyond gut health.

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