Tech podcast 346: Transit App, Capital One, TNO, and Everify


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Welcome to the technology blog and podcast, podcast 346. Last podcast was at the end of May, and a lot has been going on around here health wise. I'm definitely feeling better, and I've got quite a bit for you.
  • At the end of May, beginning of June, Transit App was announced to be the Los Angeles Metro app of choice, changing the landscape of $240,000 in costs. Here is the blog post that I wrote which also links to Los Angeles Metro's blog as well. Let me know your thoughts on this one!
  • What does Capital One have to hide when it comes to their breach? After my health issues, I've been thinking about what to put in to the podcast, and I thought this would be good to talk about. This blog post links to an article that goes in to detail about this intriguing case. We already know Capital One was at fault, why are we continuing to hide it?
  • I recently penned an article asking about the state of Antivirus after someone emailed asking me to put Eset's web site in a 2017 blog post. Instead of doing that, I mention Eset and several good antivirus products in this blog post where I quote an email that Shaun Everess wrote in a forward talking about 2004's Windows 10 version. He's not wrong in his thoughts in the comments, but I still think we're at a disadvantage.
  • Michael in Indiana has every reason to get mad at TNO. TNO stands for Trust No One, and he had no idea an app he used was this way. I also leave my thoughts.
  • Finally, hot off the presses, a blog talking about another Government web site. The DHS has to be ashamed of itself! It links to an article recently penned by Brian Krebs about a web site called everify. We should be passed this ordeal when building web sites, should we not?
Do you have anything you want to comment on? Please get in touch by contacting me. The web site and blog have contact info, so please utalize it. I hope you enjoy this podcast, and I hope to get back in to podcasting more regularly.

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