Tech podcast 349: Jaws, Twitter, Braille2000 and more


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Welcome to the technology podcast, podcast 349. This program is almost an hour and a half, and is packed with tons of stuff. Contact information is given throughout the program, so please get in touch!
  • Have you ever seen notations talking about fixes for screen reader users? Firefox fixed a very nasty crash with Jaws, but besides that, other screen reader updates were made to Firefox 79 which has recently been released. You don't normally see fixes for access tech so this is quite a surprise and a welcome change. Thanks Firefox! blog post
  • Shaun Everess, my second admin, is along with a segment talking about one of the biggest breaches I believe we've seen. This one, deals with a well known brand most people will be familiar with. Besides that, Shaun talks about the Spam problem I've been trying to fight for years. >blog post on the breach and find updates through the blog in regards to what he did for the Spam problem.
  • I have a twitter update. first blog post and second blog post
  • B2K is finally talked about on another podcast besides this one. In a long awaited podcast, Blind Bargains Interviews Jared Rimer who talks about the program, braille transcription, and more. Segment starts 15 minutes in. blog post
  • I give a talk on two different articles I've recently read on Krebs on Security dealing with credit and debit card fraud and EMV payment processes. This recent blog post should've been posted after I recorded the segment, but does link to the two articles.
  • Michael in Indiana talks about two different items. The first, is a very interesting Comcast story which turned out great. The second, an unconfirmed report about Microsoft buying Tiktok. We talk about TikTok as South Korea was fining this Chinese App maker due to Coppa violations and big time ones too. I also have comments following a video I found through the BBC. blog post
Contact information, and information on what is going on in the security box ends the podcast. The total length of the file is 1 hour, 26 minutes. I hope the wide variety of topics is of interest to you. I'll be back with more on the tech podcast very soon. Thanks so much for listening!

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