Episode # 69 Zach Vance for Lt. Governor Office


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Believe in a Better Texas, and Together We Will Achieve a Better Texas!

Texans are in desperate need of new leadership! Leadership that actually values Texans and what those Texans care about. And more importantly helping those Texans fix their problems because most problems stem from bad government policy. This should be a government for Texans by Texans and we will never get there unless we don't start coming together to create the change that we desperately need and deserve. The first change that needs to happen is a change from within. We need to start to care about each other more. There are too many self-centered people who only care about what they want, and don't care about what other people need. We need to start to putting each other first and then collectively we will begin to climb out of the hole that our "leaders" have dug us into. Our future completely depends on how we will treat each other from here on out.

Property Taxes
Public Education
Housing Market
Public Safety and Violence
Texas' Electric Grid

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