Episode # 76: Texas Hemp Federation


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Jay Maguire, executive director of THF said, “the Hemp Growers’ email has a lot of consumers and industry folks confused and unduly concerned. Here are the facts: while there are those certain legislators who want Texas to adopt a prohibitionist stance on cannabinoids, in 2021 the Texas Legislature chose not to act on Delta 8 or any other cannabinoid isomers because there was no consensus to criminalize these beneficial products. It’s also true the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is on record with their bureaucratic viewpoint, which exhibits the same kind of government overreach that landed them on the losing end of one hemp-related court case already. We have not seen any indication that prosecutors are relying on DSHS to invent new felonies to prosecute. We’re not privy to the circumstances of the one arrest the email cited, but if customers or retailers were being arrested en masse, we’d know about it. They aren’t, because as our attorneys say, our products aren’t illegal.”

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