TTE 170: The Importance of Finding the Right Resources


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After a few years of working for agencies, Rachel Gracia decided to open a private practice when she moved back to the Fort Worth, Texas area.

When growing her private practice beyond the first couple of clients proved challenging, she sought out advice.

Rachel went on to work with a business coach that taught her how to market, network, and present herself as a therapist. Furthermore, the guidance she received helped her evolve from a general clinician to a specialist by finding her niche.

Marketing Tip in This Episode

Make sure your practice has a professional website that is optimized for the search engines. While building a website on your own may seem cheaper, you have to invest a significant amount of your time and energy into building and maintaining it.

Links & Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Psychology Today
Rachel Gracia Counseling
Brighter Vision
Handbook of Private Practice: Keys to Success for Mental Health Practitioners
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Thanks to Rachel for joining us this week.

Until next time!

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