TTE 192: The Business Model of Collectives & Starting an Outdoor Ecotherapy Practice


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In this episode of the Therapist Experience, we chat with Lauren Kahn the co-founder of Mt. Airy Psychotherapy and Wellness, to hear more about her experience founding a community-based collective in Philadelphia, and the marketing benefits it has created for her Practice.

Lauren Kahn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and Ecotherapist. She received her Masters in Social Work from Boston University in 1991, completed post-masters training in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2008, and started her private practice shortly thereafter, and has spent many years developing a model called Relationship Rebalancing which she will be presenting at the upcoming International AAMFT Institute. She is an avid outdoorswoman and in 1989 completed a year-long program in Outdoor Leadership. She is a leader in the field of Ecotherapy, regularly offering both in-person and virtual psychotherapy sessions in nature.

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Thanks to Lauren for joining us this week. Until next time!

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