Dana Larsen - The World’s First Microdosing Mushroom Dispensary


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Dana Larsen, well-known cannabis rights activist, joins host Paul Austin to discuss his new microdosing mushroom dispensary in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dana has fought unjust cannabis laws for several years, opening one of Canada's first cannabis dispensaries in 2008. Applying the lessons learned from his path as a cannabis activist, Dana is now utilizing his valuable experience to destigmatize psychedelics. His goal is to normalize psilocybin mushrooms for healing and personal growth.

Podcast highlights:

  • Dana's path of civil disobedience and why he chose to open some of the first cannabis dispensaries in Canada
  • Why Dana is now using his experience in cannabis activism and applying it to psilocybin
  • How Dana makes a living as an activist - and why he wants others to follow a similar path for cannabis and psychedelics

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