EP112: Mark Bowden - How To Understand Body Language In Life & Business Situations


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Our returning guest, Mark Bowden, who co-wrote the book, Truth & Lies: What People Are Really Thinking, has helped thousands of people understand body language and human behaviour. His book is a wonderful guide and process to figuring out what's going in a person, in a relationship, in business and in life and will increase your awareness of other people. He believes we need to get better at thinking more clearly and reading people better in 1-on-1 interaction situations and understanding the non-verbal communication that will lead to our success. During this interview, you’ll also discover…
  • The importance of asking for the sale effectively
  • What is your core content and idea
  • Insights to reading body language
To find out more about Mark, visit https://www.thethoughtleaderrevolution.com/.

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