EP137: John Murphy - The Benefits Of Corporate Team Building


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The corporate world isn't for everyone. In fact, our guest, John Murphy left it for something better — to serve his fellow human beings through his gifts as a leadership and business coach. His company, John Murphy International (JMI), optimizes the potential of CEO's, senior executives and business owners. He helps them understand how they need to manage themselves and how they need to impact the rest of their organizations. Today, he has helped companies like Pfizer, BT, Airbus, Great West Life Co, J&J, Vodafone and others to achieve performance gains of 25% in 180 days. During this conversation, you’ll discover…
  • The importance of corporate team building
  • Why change is an ongoing process
  • How to market yourself and find your ideal clients
To find out more about John, visit https://www.thethoughtleaderrevolution.com/.

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