EP141: Gair Maxwell - How To Brand Yourself Effectively


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Branding. It is both a journey and a destination. Differentiating yourself and telling a unique story is the best way of branding your business. Gair Maxwell is an expert brand strategist. He can help your brand spend less time convincing and more time connecting in a way that inspires meaningful relationships and customers for life. He is also an international best-selling author and incredible speaker. With his interactive keynotes and workshops, he inspires everyday people to punch above their weight class and build the kind of brand that has top talent and customers seeking them out.

During this conversation, you’ll discover…

  • How to create an irresistible brand
  • The importance of video based communications
  • The significance of the Pull Strategy

To find out more about Gair visit https://www.thethoughtleaderrevolution.com.

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