EP171: John Grimsmo - Why You Should Always Challenge Yourself


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Start designing your life and that will lead you to your purpose. John Grimsmo, who is the owner of Grimsmo Knives, spent a few years working on different professions, but that didn’t stop him from discovering what he truly loves which led him to his passion for making and building things. As a self-taught machinist and perfectionist, his knives were his works of art. And they’ve been appreciated because Grimsmo Knives have a long waiting list of customers and are gaining popularity across North America every day. During this conversation, you’ll discover…
  • The importance of pushing yourself to the next level
  • Why it’s crucial to never stop learning
  • Why you should accept mistakes in order to grow
To find out more about John, visit https://www.thethoughtleaderrevolution.com/.

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