159 - Languages and Travel


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Travelling in foreign countries is only half the fun when we know the language, right? Plenty of intrigue and hilarity ensues when you're trying to communicate in a language you only know a few phrases of, and that's a big joy when I travel - picking up little pieces of a new language and learning how it all fits together!

In Episode 159 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I chat with three travellers about this very topic and they find it just as interesting as I do. First up I talk to Denise who spent some time in Spain learning flamenco dancing - and learnt just as much about the Spanish language and culture, too.

Next I chat with Kendall about how fortunate we are - in some ways! - to be native English speakers, and other issues related to languages and travel.

Finally, I speak with Dan Johnston who's tackled one of the more complex European languages, Czech, and found it rather tricky! We talk about how language ability can change your personality in some ways, too.


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