News Wrap: Deepfake CEO Voice Scam, Facebook Data Breach


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In this week's news wrap ended Sept. 6, the Threatpost team breaks down the biggest news of the week, including:

  • Cybercrooks successfully fooling a company into a large wire transfer using an AI-powered deepfakeof a chief executive's voice (and Facebook, Microsoft and a number of universities joining forces to sponsor a contestpromoting research and development to combat deepfakes)
  • A leaky server exposing phone numbers linked to the Facebook accountsof hundreds of millions of users in the latest privacy gaffe for the social media giant.
  • Facebook allowing its users to opt-out of the Tag Suggestions feature, while at the same time attempting to help users better understand what the feature does.
  • The challenges behind patch management, and why 80 percent of enterprise applications have at least one unpatched vulnerability in them.

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