TikTok Scammers Cash In On Adult Dating, Impersonation Tricks


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As social media platform TikTok becomes the top App Store app download in 2019 - and the number three app download on Google Play and on platforms overall - scammers are looking to cash in on the troves of younger users of the popular platform.

Tenable researcher Satnam Narang, who has been tracking the platform for scams since March 2019, said that, while scams have been previously undocumented, he has come across several that are "in their infancy" - and he expects that number to explode.

These scams, already prevalent on Instagram and Twitter, revolve around adult dating as well as account impersonation to get more likes or follows, and in some cases can be extremely profitable for scammers.

"I think as long as these platforms exist, and there are billions of users using them, you're going to have scammers. It's just sort of part of using these platforms," Narang told Threatpost.

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