1392 $104m in ARR and Bootstrapped?!?! How?!


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:00 – Nathan's introduction to today's show

00:25 – Why Kellogg was named top CEO by Glassdoor

00:45 – How Madwire has grown to 600 employees

01:25 – Why they operate on a hybrid SaaS and professional service model

02:30 – How they view revenue per employee and prioritize it

03:15 – Why they are doing $175k in revenue per employee today

03:30 – How Madwire is doing $105M in ARR right now

04:00 – Why they help small businesses with marketing at scale

04:50 – How they are serving 10k active customers at this point in time

05:05 – Why their average new account is paying around $1,500 each month

05:45 – How Madwire has scaled with $7.5M in outside funding

06:15 – Why they are cash flow positive

06:35 – How they are still growing 40% year over year

07:45 – Why they track churn in two unique ways

10:00 – How they receive payback within 3 months on a $3k CAC

11:10 – Why they are landing customers entirely through digital channels

12:10 – How he started the company with his father in 2009

13:45 – Why they've set aside stock and equity for top performing employees

14:40 – How they are targeting an IPO in the next few years

15:30 – Why they would look to IPO in two years

16:30 – The Famous Five

JB Kellogg is the co-founder of SMB marketing platform, Madwire and Marketing 360. JB was named the Top CEO in the country by Glassdoor in 2016.

Company website: https://www.madwire.com/

SaaS Metrics:

Founded: 2009

Customers: 10,000

ARPU: $875 (monthly)

Annual recurring revenue: $104 million

Founded: 2009

Funding: $7.5m

Team: 600

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