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Caroline Barker, Adrian Clarke, David Connolly, and Joe Crilly are in this week to talk all things Blackpool, Shaun Harvey's age, and Leeds. We also get on to discussing matter on the pitch too. This is how it sounds:


  • PART 1a: Is Oyston Out? with Tim Fielding (01m 40s)
  • PART 1b: Shaun Harvey leaving and Leeds fined (06m 20s)
  • PART 2a: Bolton 0-4 Norwich, Sheffield United 4-0 Reading, Rotherham 2-2 Sheffield Wednesday, and Blackburn 0-1 Middlesbrough (10m 50s)
  • PART 2b: Championship Top Scorer Odds with William Hill (23m 30s)
  • PART 2c: Competition time (23m 40s)
  • PART 3a: League One review: Luton love in continues (25m 10s)
  • PART 3b: League One Luton Odds (27m 40s)
  • PART 3c: League One Review continued: Southend 3-3 Portsmouth, Coventry 3-0 Walsall, Oxford 0-1 Peterborough (28m 10s)
  • PART 4a: League Two review: Notts County 1-0 Mansfield (34m 40s)
  • PART 4b: League Two Relegation Odds with William Hill (38m 30s)
  • PART 4c: League Two review continued: Lincoln 2-2 Stevenage (39m 10s)
  • PART 4d: League Two Promotion Odds (42m 30s)
  • PART 5a: Weekend previews (43m 30s)


  • get your bet on with William Hill here


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