TFT96: Training For Hiking Around Your Neighbourhood


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In this episode, I discuss how a hiker can close the gap between general and specific training when they can't get out on the trail to train. In many occasions, hikers find themselves incredibly busy before a significant adventure. And for some people, this means that finding time to go out hiking, or travel to the gym is just not realistic. And in these instances, many hikers try to do most (if not all) of their training around their local neighbourhood. While this is not ideal, if you need to save on time, this is perfectly fine! However, while most people can develop their 'fitness' well enough around the neighbourhood, sometimes their body is not prepared for some of the 'specific' challenges of the trail (such as uneven terrain, elevation and leg endurance). So with this in mind, this episode was created to give hikers a few simple ideas, which will help close this gap. And allow them to develop 'specific' fitness and strength while training around the local neighbourhood. You will learn;
  • A simple change to your walking and running training, which can help prepare you for the uneven nature of the trail
  • A simple goal to aim for with your loaded pack walking (if you are doing it around the local neighbourhood)
  • A fantastic type of training to include to help develop foot, ankle and calf strength
  • One simple inclusion (which you can do locally) which can make you MUCH more comfortable during elevation hiking
  • A great workout (which I have talked about multiple times) which is a MUST for any hiker training in the local neighbourhood
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