TFT97: How To Prevent Burning Calves While Hiking


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In this episode, we discuss what a hiker can do to prevent always getting burning and tight calves while hiking. The calves are such an essential muscle group for hikers, trekkers, backpackers and mountaineers. They play a crucial role during ascents and descents and are crucial to protect the feet, ankles and knees while on the trail. But even though most hikers know they are important, unfortunately, they ofter get overlooked in training. Usually, for the reason that calf training can be a bit boring, and often gets neglected in favour of some more 'fun' type of training. And this often leads to many hikers regularly dealing with burning, tight and sore calves while on the trail, which is just not much fun. The common approach to this situation for hikers is to do regular stretching and foam rolling on the calves, to give them some relief. And while this is important, this is only half the battle. And if this is all you are doing, you are likely doomed to repeat a never-ending cycle. Instead, hikers should consider applying some targeted strengthening exercises to help strengthen up the different muscles of the calves, and allow you to stay comfortable and happy on the trail. So today, we explore in detail how a hiker can best train their calves, to get them strong and resilient for their adventures. You will learn:
  • How to use stretching and foam rolling to relieve the calves during training and hiking
  • Why only relying on stretching to prevent sore calves is a mistake
  • Understanding the two different muscles of the calves
  • Two types of calf exercises every single hiker should be doing in their training
  • A slightly more advanced type of calf training, which can be great for adding some extra strength, endurance and resilience

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