TBP 153 :: Chelsea Murn on Women's Specific Training and Nutrition Needs


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About Chelsea Murn

Chelsea Murn is a Certified Health Coach and a climbing coach at LadyBetaCoaching.com who specializes in females’ training and health needs. She’s also a business coach for females in the climbing community, and in this interview we talk about all of that. Chelsea has caught my eye recently with her blogging at LadyBeta, and because she’s one of the only people talking about women’s specific training needs.

We talked about women’s specific needs in climbing training and performance as well as our specific diet needs. We talk about what we should be training in the different phases of women’s cycles and how hormones affect our physical and emotional states. And we discuss how we can work with our cycles instead of just being annoyed that we have to deal with our periods every month.

We also talk about her business coaching and her climbing coaching services, and how she might be able to help you. Chelsea is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her climbing and her coaching, and it shows in this interview. I really enjoyed my talk with her and I hope you do too.

Chelsea Murn Interview Details
  • Women’s specific needs with training fr climbing
  • What estrogen and progesterone do to our bodies
  • How to accommodate our cycle with our training
  • The times of the month when we’re most likely to perform well
  • What we should be eating to support our bodies (different than males)
  • How to track your cycle
  • How her business and climbing coaching took off and has become a real career
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