TBP 159: Alex Stiger on How Climbing Harder Made Her A Better Coach


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About Alex Stiger

Alex Stiger is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Coach, and Head Coach at Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder Colorado. Alex spends most of her week working with clients of all levels and ages to help them reach their climbing goals. She has climbed 5.13d and is currently working towards her goal of climbing 5.14.

Beyond all of that, though, Alex is one of my best friends and a super dedicated trainer/coach. I’ve watched her improve her climbing exponentially over the last 5 years through efficient and specific training. I wanted to have her on the show again to talk about how her coaching has evolved as she has, and how she’s come back strong after difficult injuries.

You’ll be hearing more from Alex on TrainingBeta soon, so stay tuned for that.

Alex Stiger Interview Details
  • Difference between her coaching as a 5.13a climber and now as a 5.13d climber
  • Overcoming big shoulder injury to come back strong
  • How she improved her climbing so much
  • More assessments, fewer assumptions in training
  • How more rest helped her climb harder
  • Why she changed her core workouts
  • Training program coming up on TrainingBeta for women
  • What she focuses on with older climber clients
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Photo Credit

Photo of Alex on Homunculous 5.14a in Rifle by Jill Stompel @shmitpiex

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