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About Madeleine Crane

Madeleine Crane is a sport psychologist (M.Sc.) and systemic coach located in Hohenems, Austria. She is the founder and CEO of ClimbingPsychology.com and the creator of the Fear of Falling Masterclass for Climbers.

Madeleine has a Masters degree in psychology from the University of Innsbruck and specializes in sport psychology. Due to her personal background in climbing, her main focus is on the psychology in climbing.

She has been climbing, learning and exploring for as long as she can remember. Throughout the past decade, she travelled the world representing Austria at youth climbing competitions and later on in the one or other Bouldering World Cup. Nowadays you can still find her climbing in the gym or outdoors as often as possible. She has done lead climbs and boulders in the 8th grade outside (Font & French grades).

Fear of Falling Masterclass Discount

Madeleine recently published a Fear of Falling Masterclass for Climbers, which you can purchase at any time to work through your fears of falling. Madeleine is also giving TrainingBeta listeners $60 off with code #TRAININGBETA.

I asked her to be on the podcast because sometimes the fear of falling keeps us from reaching our potential as climbers; it’s so important to work through it if it’s holding you back. So in this interview we discussed the different reasons that climbers are afraid of falling and, using the tenets of her masterclass, how we can overcome those fears.

CHECK OUT THE MASTERCLASS Madeleine Crane Interview Details
  • How sport psychology helped her as a competition climber
  • Reasons people are afraid to fall
  • Overview of masterclass
  • Understanding your fear
  • Is your fear rational?
  • Steps she takes to feel comfortable lead climbing
  • Becoming aware of your fear responses
  • Trusting your climbing partner
  • What you can do every day to help fear while climbing
  • Breathing, mantras, and meditations
  • My own strategies for dealing with fear
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