TBP 166: ClimbWell Founders on Balancing Climbing and Life


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About ClimbWell

ClimbWell is a new organization founded by Remy Franklin, Gaby Colletta, and Blake Cason whose mission is to provide resources for climbers to help them grow in their climbing and in life in general. Remy is a life coach, Gaby is a Meditation + Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and Blake is a Wellness Coach, and they are all passionate about climbing.

They have a 4-day retreat coming up in April in Veyo, Utah that will help climbers with the following topics:
  • Befriending Fear
  • Performance Climbing
  • Rock-Life Balance
  • Art of Attention
  • Successful Climbing Goals
  • Yoga for Climbers

They’re offering 10% off for TrainingBeta listeners using the code “trainingbeta10” and you can find more about the event in the link below:


I wanted to ask them about the basics of what they’ll be teaching at the retreat, so I asked all 3 of them to be on the show. All of these topics are so relevant to all of us, but we focused a lot on finding balance in your life while also being passionate about climbing.

Please visit their website to find out more about what they teach and about the retreat at www.climbwell.co.

ClimbWell Interview Details
  • What people will get out of the retreat
  • Finding balance in your life while being passionate about climbing
  • Dealing with fear in climbing
  • Wheel of Life Coaching Tool
  • Climbing as an addiction – how to find balance
  • How are values can guide our actions appropriately
  • Visualization practice
  • How to find happiness
  • How to stop being so black and white about climbing and life in general
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