TBP 181 :: Understanding and Assessing Your Injuries with Dr. Evan Ingerson


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Understanding and Assessing Your Injuries with Dr. Evan Ingerson

Dr. Evan Ingerson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board Certified in Orthopedics who works at his practice Mend in Colorado.

Evan is a physical therapist who specializes in treating rock climbers. He uses the most up-to-date evidence in his practice to get climbers out of pain faster. Evan works to identify the underlying cause of the problem and uses a combination of manual therapy and advanced exercises to return climbers to the wall better than they were before.

He treats climbers at all levels, from beginners to international competitors and has the experience and equipment to create high level exercise programs specifically catered to the unique challenges of rock climbing. In addition to being a board-certified specialist in orthopedics, Evan is a lifelong climber and 10-time national competitor.

Evan is also one of Coach Alex Stiger’s physical therapists, and she recognized that his cutting edge approach to injuries was something she wanted the TrainingBeta community to be exposed to. So she interviewed Evan all about how to assess and understand your injuries as a rock climber so you don’t feel lost when you have one.

In this interview, she and Dr. Ingerson discuss how to know when to go to a doctor, a surgeon, the ER, a PT, an acupuncturist, or some other specialist. They also delve into the contentious topic of whether or not to ice an injury, and so much more…

Even if you don’t have an injury right now, this interview will help you figure out a plan if you ever do get injured.

Climbing Injury Interview Details
  • What to do immediately following an injury
  • When to get an x-ray or other imaging
  • When to use a brace
  • When to do dry needling, and what that is
  • When to get spinal manipulations/adjustments
  • How to choose a medical professional to help with sport specific injuries
  • When to consult with a surgeon
  • Managing low-level injuries on a climbing trip
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