TBP 185 :: Running for Climbing Fitness: Does It Work? And How to Avoid Common Mistakes


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Running for Climbing Fitness: Does It Work? And How to Avoid Common Mistakes

In the episode, Coach Matt Pincus and I talk about running for climbing fitness. In our practices as a coach (Matt) and a nutritionist (me), we see a lot of people who run in the name of climbing training. But there are some common mistakes we see people making in their training schedules, their nutrition practices, and their reasoning behind their actions.

We talk about some better choices people can be making with their running, whether it’s scientifically been shown to help with climbing fitness at all, and how to proceed with your running and climbing regimens.


Episode Details
  • How common running is among our clients
  • #1 Question to ask yourself about running if you’re a runner
  • Running for weight loss from a nutritionist’s perspective
  • How Matt creates training programs for people who want to run
  • Pushback that runners give Matt and his responses to that
  • Transitioning from one sport to another, whether it’s running, skiing, biking, etc
  • What needs to happen nutritionally to train running and climbing at the same time
  • 3 biggest mistakes people make nutritionally with fueling for exercise
  • How to recover really well
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