Jason and Lauren Pak - Nutrition, Fitness, Breastfeeding


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For this episode, we 'sat down' (via inter-webs) with Jason and Lauren Pak from Achieve Fitness Boston. Their goal is to make fitness inclusive, fun and tailored for each individuals needs. They are doing a fantastic job both in person at their Achieve Fitness Boston gym location and online with their brilliantly simple, informative and no judgement educational videos they put out. We discuss everything about their current lifestyle, what being their own bosses mean for their family life. Being able to seperate business with pleasure. Their thoughts about nutrition around their gym members and family. What it's like having a new baby in the mix and how challenging and rewarding breastfeeding can be as a first time mother. These guys are awesome, genuine, happy people. We can't wait to meet up with them in real life some day! Take a listen, enjoy, and if you would, please rate and comment on the podcast. Thank you xo

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