Crafting Your Race-Day Hydration Plan


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You know how important it is to stay hydrated in training and racing. So on today's episode, Sports Scientist Andy Blow from Precision Hydration returns to the show to help you craft a race day hydration plan. Precision Hydration has studied the hard-earned sweat of thousands of athletes all so YOU can properly hydrate your way through that next event. Learn how to strategize for your sweat rate, sodium levels, race distance, race weather, and more! In this episode… - Warmup: What Olympic sport do you wish you could be world class at? (2:28) - Main Set: Crafting a Race Day Hydration Plan (8:46) - Revisiting Episode .87 on the Science of Sweat (10:05) - The importance of a customized race day hydration plan (11:00) - Determining how much fluid you need (13:15) - Determining how much electrolyte you need (19:36) - The importance of trial-and-error during training sessions (24:10) - Different methods of accessing and consuming electrolytes (29:31) - Strategies for combating palate fatigue (36:21) - Considerations on when and how often to drink (39:35) - Short versus long-course hydration strategies (45:52) - The FREE Precision Hydration 20-minute consult (50:22) - Coach John Mayfield's experience with Precision Hydration (54:58) - Cooldown: Get in your training while supporting a great cause! (59:44) Huge thanks to Precision Hydration for partnering with us on this episode. To learn more about Precision Hydration head to and use code TRIDOT10 for 10% off your electrolytes and fuel. On their site you can: 1. Take the free online Sweat Test to receive a personalized hydration plan 2. Complete the Quick Carb Calculator to understand how much carb you need to consume during your next race 3. Book a free 20-minute video consultation with a member of the Precision Hydration team to discuss your fueling strategy

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