Let's Talk About Sex (Scenes) (Live from ATX Season 8)


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While it’s true that television productions are increasingly aware of the emotional & physical stakes of performers on-set — many writers, actors, and directors still struggle with how to safely navigate scenes that contain intimate or sexual content. Join the creatives involved in crafting these scenes from start to finish for an honest discussion about empowering both writers and actors, and improving safe “sex” practices behind the camera.


  • Tanya Saracho (Creator/Executive Producer, Vida)
  • Nicki Micheau ( Actor, Animal Kingdom)
  • Alicia Rodis (Intimacy Coordinator, HBO series)

Moderator: Joy Blake (Producer/Writer, Outlander)


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Episode produced by: Caitlin McFarland, Emily Gipson, AJ Meyers, and audio partner Five Ohm Productions.



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