Show 154 – The Jay Abraham Blueprint w/ Stephan Spencer


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Today’s episode features Stephan Spencer, one of – if not THE – most authoritative voice on Search Engine Optimization today. If you want to explore that side of Stephan, you can check out episode 126 right here on this show, where Jay interviewed him for the Encounter! series. For today’s episode, Stephan has turned the tables and is the one interviewing Jay – with a torrent of some very unique questions. It takes a more philosophical direction, focusing on the emerging leadership crisis, the abuse of power in businesses, greatness, and making a real connection – followed by the personal lessons Jay learned through life, his self-care regimen, and his “spiritual message” to the world. - Visit our 50 Shades Page and subscribe to our newsletter for endless gratis resources (no opt-in): - Listener's choice top 25 podcast episodes: - Visit our knowledge center for more in-depth resources: - Find out more about Stephan and SEO: - Stephan's Marketing/SEO Podcast: - Stephan's Lifestyle Podcast:

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