326: Summer Rayne Oakes - How To Make A Plant Love You


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Summer Rayne Oakes (IG: @homesteadbrooklyn) is an entrepreneur, author and media host whose work focuses on health, wellness and sustainability.

Her website, Homestead Brooklyn and YouTube series, Plant One On Me, help reconnect people to nature through the beauty of plants and gardening. Summer's latest book came out this past July, How to Make a Plant Love You.

You may see her in Brooklyn hanging out at her local community garden with her pet chicken, Kippee, or tending to her own copious indoor jungle of over 1100 plants.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Being a self-confessed crazy plant lady
  • Having over 1100 plants in a Brooklyn apartment
  • Connecting people to the deeper level of nature
  • House plant trends around the world
  • The origin behind Summer Rayne Oakes' name
  • Growing up enjoying the outdoors
  • Bringing sustainability to the fashion world
  • Create the community you want to live in
  • You always remember your 1st plant… Summer's fiddle leaf fig
  • The benefits of building a ritual with your plants
  • Understanding quality and quantity of light, water, & soil
  • There is a plant for everyone
  • The ZZ plant can grow under any conditions
  • What is a par meter?
  • Watering & soil techniques
  • When to re-pot your plants
  • Getting your plants on a fertilizing schedule
  • 365 days of plants project
  • Active observation of plants
  • How to thrive like a plant
  • Plants are sensitive to fluoride & chlorine in water
  • Life with Kippee... the pet chicken
  • Remove sugar from your diet, focus on whole foods
  • Foraging for mushrooms
  • Practicing community gardening
  • Feeding yourself and the world around you

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