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Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 57 Aaron Keith Hawkins | How to Feel More Appreciated. Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. Full Transcript: Aaron: 00:00 Hey, it's Aaron Keith Hawkins and welcome back to another episode of Unbreakable Success. Thank you for being here today. We're going to cut to the chase. I want to answer a a very what I know for many people can be a very powerful question, very serious question, which is how can we actually feel more appreciated. We're all, obviously we're all worthy of being appreciated. We're all working hard. We're all taking care of our kids. We're all trying to be loving in our relationships. There's so many things that we're doing. Working on our mindset. If you're listening or watching this show, you are trying to do the right things. You're making progress. But what do we do when we just don't feel appreciated enough from the people in our lives, the people that we interact with, a work group, sometimes the people we live with? The truth is this. Aaron: 00:49 You know, I, I know the, that for many people in my experience, coaching and mentoring and working with a lot of people over the years. I get and I understand that the initial instinct is to try to figure out how can we make someone appreciate us more and the very harsh like rip the bandaid off answer is you can't. We can't make someone appreciate us. I can't make you appreciate me and you can't make me appreciate you, but the good news is that there are things and we're going to talk about three specific things today. There are things that we can do that are far more likely to influence others to appreciate us and for far more likely for us to just feel more appreciated. Number one is you have to protect your schedule and I said, protect your schedule, not fill it because what normally happens for people if they do pay attention to their calendar and the things they have to do, most of the time we wind up filling up that schedule, filling up our calendar, which is things to do. Aaron: 01:58 Some of those things are extremely important. Some of those things, not so much, but when I say protect your schedule, here's what I mean, and this is very simple. What are the five most? One of the five things in your life that you value the most, if you were to write them down, what are the top five things that are that are most important, most valuable to you, and everybody's going to have slightly different answers for someone immediately be their children or their spouse or their partner or their career, their business, their fitness, their health, their personal growth, spiritual growth. Whatever those answers are for you. Write them down and once you have that list and if you're a, it's okay if you don't have a pen or pad right now, just just think of them and then ask yourself honestly, are each of those things scheduled into your calendar every week? Are they in your calendar or they booked whenever your answers were? Did you block out unconditional time to engage in those things that are most valuable to you? Aaron: 03:12 And most of the time when I asked this of people one on one, they'll have that list and they'll say, well, you know, I do spend time, you know, addressing this thing or that thing or with my kids and I have some time here there. But the question is, do you have blocked out unconditional, nonnegotiable time for those things? And if the answer is no, then that's something that you can fix. But here's because here's what I can promise you. When someone is not intentionally making time, scheduling time for the things that are most valuable to them. If someone doesn't appreciate themselves enough to actually make sure that they are unconditionally engaging in things that are most important to them, then how can I expect someone else to appreciate them if I don't make time for the things? If I want to appreciate myself enough to make sure that I'm taking care of the things that...

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