Ep. 186 Clairvoyant Breathwork with Ana Lilia


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In today’s episode, Sarah has Ana Lilia on the show. Ana is a certified breathwork teacher and healer leading thousands of people to intimately connect with their breath as a pathway for transformation. Ana channels her intuition and seamlessly blends active breathwork, intuitive guidance, and curated music to create personalized healing journeys. She creates safe, supportive, and loving spaces for participants to connect with deep parts of themselves, access their intuition and unleash creativity. This conversation explores the potent and universal power of breathwork, the needed conversations around mental health, and more!

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • Understanding the universal power of breathwork
  • How breathing impacts our thoughts, emotions, and physical state
  • How breathwork enhances inner child work and helps shift the corporate landscape
  • How Ana is breaking the stigma and silence around mental health through her healing journey

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