Ep. 162 Relentless Truth Seeking with Whitney Danielle


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In today’s episode, Sarah is joined by her Illuminated student Whitney, owner, and CEO of Whitnessed. She is a rebellious freedom coach + host of Restore the Roar Podcast. She is determined to introduce liberation to those that feel like they don't have permission to be recklessly and authentically in their power. Whitney found her soul tools to be Inner Child Healing, Breathwork, EFT, and embodiment practices because she is a firm believer that the body houses more wisdom than we give it credit for. Her business name is Whitnessed because she wants her clients to witness themselves in their power as they evolve into a fervent love + acceptance of themselves.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • Hear how Illuminated changed Whitney’s life
  • The power of discovering guidance, love, and wisdom are found within
  • What is possible when you believe in yourself and let your intuition take the lead
  • Reprogramming fear and unworthiness with fervent love and acceptance of self

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