46. Part 2: Beginning With The End In Mind - The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


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Welcome back to The Unlimited Potential Show! This is the continuation of our series based on Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”. For over the past 30 years, this book has remained in the top 10 selling books for business and leadership. This book is widely considered the best and most influential leadership and business book of the 20th century.

With high praise like that there’s no way, we couldn’t check this out for ourselves! After diving in, we knew this couldn’t be just one episode. This book is profound and chalked full of wisdom that we are dedicating an episode to each individual habit. Hit play to join our conversation into habit number 2, Beginning with the end in mind!

Have you ever been to a meeting where there was no agenda? It doesn’t matter how long the meeting is, if there isn’t a clear objective in mind, then it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

This is the exact principle we cover in today’s episode! Except we aren’t just talking about an hour-long meeting but the plan for your life. You’ll learn all about the practice of creating a clear mission statement for your life so that when change happens you’ll be ready. Listen in as we talk about the biggest step people usually skip in order to move faster, but it’s like placing a ladder on the wrong wall, you’ll only find the WRONG place faster. Hear real-life examples of how you can live with intentionality and how finding clarity only makes it more likely for you to succeed.

Learn how you can take the guessing game out of your future, with great tips on deepening relationships with those around you, and refining your mission statement as you go. Your destiny begins with a thought, so use that power to make your own blueprint and change the very world around you!

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More Of What’s Inside:

  • A real-life example of sunk cost fallacy
  • Finding the direction of your path
  • Being clear on what you want to achieve
  • Building the blueprint of your life
  • Defining and achieving outcomes
  • How to live with intentionality
  • The one practice that will create a clear path
  • Reverse engineering to create an action plan
  • How your mission statement encapsulates the best of you
  • Paying attention to the resistance in your mind
  • The masterpiece of your life
  • And much more!

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - A look into the episode
  • 1:17 - What we cover today!
  • 1:37 - Conversation starts
  • 2:42 - Thank you to our reviewers!
  • 6:09 - Beginning with the end in mind
  • 11:22 - Living for your eulogy
  • 15:55 - Defining what you want in life
  • 20:25 - The biggest obstacle people face
  • 25:26 - How to live with more intentionality
  • 29:29 - A real example of defining the end
  • 34:30 - Finding fulfillment through deep relationship
  • 40:01 - How to get the most out of your mission statement
  • 44:09 - The virtue of constantly refining
  • 49:20 - Navigating uncertainty with a clear mind
  • 51:41 - Closing thoughts

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