The Book Of The Dead -- True Stories of Spirit Encounters (part 1 of 3)


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Part 1 of 3. Oscar Mendoza, author of "The Book Of The Dead", is a magnet for the living ... AND the dead . You might say that it runs in the family. While paranormal investigators can turn off their equipment and safely return home, Oscar must face the reality of semi-permanent "guests" that take up residence with him . The question of why some people can see and hear spirit entities can be pursued along two disparate paths -- the biological :where their neurological pathways are configured differently, allowing alternate realms to come into view ... and the more metaphysical possibility -- that they have been chosen, as ambassadors of the living, to bring back messages from the departed (and in some cases, never mortal at all).... even if the messages aren't necessarily meant for human consumption Links to Oscar Mendoza ~ Preview "The Book Of The Dead" on Amazon Book Of The Dead Facebook Page

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