$38 million in 10 Weeks Selling Hover Boards


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Today's guest has had tremendous adventures in ecommerce – from managing Jack Threads' 16-million person list to earning $38mm in 10 weeks selling hover boards – and today he's going to share it all with us.

The first twenty minutes of this episode are possibly the most value-packed show we've ever recorded.

You'll hear:

  • The exact exit intent strategy they're using with Privy and Klaviyo
  • Why a Repeat Nurture Series could be your most overlooked flow
  • How kicking subscribers off their list is driving revenue
  • Why best subject line could be "a deal to good to pass up"
  • The case for plain text
  • How to ensure your emails land in the inbox
  • Using Google Trends to find seven-figure product ideas

Josh writes, "My career has taken an interesting path over the past 16 years, from accounting to digital marketing, I have seen it all. After 7 years into my career, I finally realized I was not enjoying my day to day life as a public accountant and was given an opportunity to become the Controller to one of the clients. This was my first introduction to e-commerce and marketing. After 6 months into my Controller position, I was able to skim the surface into marketing and quickly became hooked! From this point, I began my transition out of accounting and solely into digital marketing. I was given opportunities from a variety of well-known streetwear brands such as Jack Threads and Black Pyramid and multiple freelance projects, which really allowed me to hone my craft and accelerate each brands revenue. I am currently the Digital Marketing Director at Amerex Group."

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