Get 99% open rates – affordably – by leveraging this channel


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We've seen SMS drive 20x ROI for our clients, but Shopify merchants have been slow to adopt SMS marketing. If you've been ignoring SMS as a channel, this episode addresses the common objections and risks around SMS marketing, and breaks down how to run SMS as a successful channel for your store.

You'll learn:

  • Why SMS gets a 99% open rate
  • The objections, rules, and regulations to know when texting customers
  • How to build your SMS lists (and monetize them in the process)
  • How to run successful text campaigns
  • Using SMS for customer service

Mihail is the founder and CEO of SMSBump, Shopify's first texting marketing platform. He has 8+ years worth of eCommerce experience and has worked with brands such as Facebook, MasterCard, Amazon Pay, Google, Square etc.

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