Lessons Learned from 7-figure SMS Marketing


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After early success in 2017 with SMS while working at Lumee - Kim Kardashian's favorite selfie case - Jeremy Horowitz went all in on SMS marketing.

You'll hear:

  • The advantage of personalizing SMS for your clients
  • How to get a 95% SMS open rate and 25% clickthrough rate on your SMS
  • Getting started with SMS in 30-minutes
  • What to absolutely NOT to do with SMS
  • New Buzzword: "Owned Channels"
  • The most effective way to grow an SMS list
  • Easy tactics for BFCM, advanced tactics

Jeremy has been working in the eCommerce space for 5 years building both eCommerce brands and tools for eCommerce companies. He currently runs an agency and podcast of the same name – Messenger Mastermind – where he works with 7-Figure eCommerce companies to build out their Owned Channels (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Groups) to drive more profitable revenue growth.

Previously, Jeremy was LuMee's (aka Kim Kardashian's favorite selfie case) eCommerce Manager where he owned the DTC experience of LuMee.com and built tripled the Revenue generated from Email year over year. In addition he also built the SMS, Messenger and Push programs to drive a combined 6-Figures in Revenue per year.

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