Listener Mailbag: Conversion Rate Secrets, Pop-up Optimization, and More


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In this episode, we open with a deep dive into conversion rates across devices and traffic sources, and how you can apply that info to your store.

This episode is also available as a video interview on YouTube.

You'll the hear answers to:

  • When looking at mobile vs desktop conversion rates, what is the expected drop off on mobile?
  • What app do your best stores use for returns/exchanges on Shopify?
  • How to scale creative.
  • Why use Privy if we are using Klaviyo?
  • Is there a step by step process you use to test product pages to optimize for conversions?
  • How do you suggest you make your business stand apart from the others in a saturated market?
  • How to choose which apps make the cut and which ones don’t?
  • Ways to improve signups from pop-up forms by using data?
  • Any 'outside the box' Black Friday promotion ideas?

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