Manufacture Your Product: Finding the Right Factory Partner


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One of the hardest parts of ecommerce entrepreneurship is manufacturing your first product, but as retail and technology has changed, it's also become easier than ever. Today we'll pull back the curtain on finding a manufacturer with a man who has decades of experience.

Our guest today, Charles Kaliman, has helped big box retail stores launch new brands and find manufacturing supply chains. He collaborated in launching brands such as I.N.C., Structure, Everlast, and Gant.

You'll hear:

  • Finding the right factory partner
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to vet a factory
  • Why a great factory can help you finance
  • How digitization and changing retail has disrupted and democratized manufacturing
  • Why you should work backwards
  • What we can learn from Kim Kardashian's shapewear line

Charles has been in leadership positions holding operational responsibility at major retailers and brands. Charles’ international experience has provided him with a deep understanding of a dynamic and ever-changing global manufacturing base. He developed relationships with leading global vendors and travelled extensively to factories in Asia, India, Bangladesh, Central America and the USA.

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