Jayson Stark is Still Mad at MLB, Excited About the Giants


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It got so bad at one point this month that Jayson Stark, the winner of the 2019 J.G. Taylor Spink Award given annually "for meritorious contributions to baseball writing" couldn’t sleep. Jayson always sleeps, but not this June. Not with the sport he lives and breathes fighting so publicly over money in the midst of a global pandemic and worldwide civil unrest. Since last week’s mandated return he’s begun sleeping a bit better, but the anger remains. Stark joins host Kate Scott to explain why, to express concerns and intrigue for the proposed 60-game sprint, and gives Giants fans reason to hope as we prepare for what may just be the strangest baseball season ever. To read Jayson’s work, visit: https://theathletic.com/author/jayson-stark/

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