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Colin Wright is an author, speaker, and the host of the podcast, Let's Know Things. He's written a few dozen books, travels full-time, and shares what he learns along the way through his work. In this episode we spoke about - Him walking away from his successful career and life in LA to go traveling - How to live life according to your values - How spending money on things that don't matter stops you from living the life you desire - What it was like spending 7 years on the road and how he made a living - How it's okay to pivot and try new things in life - Why he decided to settle in one place after traveling for 7 years - His podcast, Let's Know Things, and how it came to be - How he deals with loneliness during his travels - and so much more Sign up for my weekly(ish) email for all our giveaways and updates here. Ione Butler Facebook Instagram Twitter Podcast Website IMDB Uplifting Content Colin Wright Website Podcast Instagram Twitter Facebook AskColin

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