84.51°’s Qualitative Research Community: Understanding the COVID-19 Impact with guest Natalie Wozniak


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On this episode of The Uplow’d, we welcome Senior Researcher Natalie Wozniak to talk about her role on 84.51°’s Consumer Research Team and some of the qualitative research that they undertake. We’ll learn about how her work on the Foundational Research Pillar answers fundamental questions about our customers and supports the broader Consumer Research team’s work on customer attitudes and sentiment. This work compliments 84.51°’s ability to identify consumer behaviors by answering the broad questions to understand why these behaviors exist. Natalie will also explain some of her team’s findings from analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kroger shoppers, and how they’re using these findings to affect the changes that help shoppers deal with the current situation.

Natalie is responsible for bringing the customer voice to 84.51° projects, analyzing attitudinal data from quantitative and qualitative consumer research. She received her Bachelor degree in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Notre Dame, and has been focused on keeping the customer at the center of decisions for 84.51°, Kroger, and their partners for the past five years.

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