482: Michael Gettens on Evolving Lifestyles in a Changing World


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Enhancing our connection to the earth and each other.

In This Podcast: Learning about permaculture can be life changing, and Michael Gettens shares about his experience taking a permaculture design course, how to take on a production mindset instead of simply consuming resources, and how the current food system is degenerative instead of regenerative. Rainwater harvesting, sectors, zones, and solar cooking are all topics in this chat about working with the earth to connect with it and each other.

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Michael is a Permaculture student inspired by the diversity of plants and animals who call the Sonoran Desert home. Growing up in New Jersey, his Italian mother sparked an interest in nutrition, and thus the importance of fresh, local ingredients began his gardening journey. When he moved across the country in 2014 to Arizona, the unique climate presented an obvious focus on water to ensure a good harvest.

Michael took his first Permaculture Design Course in the Fall of 2017, led by Dan Dorsey - which guided him to a concentration in rainwater harvesting, and a goal to discover low-tech solutions that provide basic human needs. His current position at Galaxy Gardens includes irrigation maintenance, rain garden design, and planting services.

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482: Michael Gettens on Evolving Lifestyles in a Changing World

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