488: Chris Smith about Saving Seed Diversity


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Documenting the many unique aspects in seed varieties.

In This Podcast: Returning podcast guest, Chris Smith, updates us on his Okra Trials, everything he learned, and how they determined the best variety of okra out of over 60 contestants! He also shares how The Utopian Seed Project is focusing on bringing seed and food diversity to the south. They are currently testing southern crops such as cowpeas, heritage beans, corn, and groundnuts. Listen in to learn about growing tropical perennials in the south, open-sourced seeds, and much more!

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Chris is an author, garden blog writer, and homesteading consultant. In 2018 while writing his book The Whole Okra, he grew out 76 different varieties of okra as research.  In many ways, this research fed The Utopian Seed Project to take root and grow.

Based in Asheville, NC, the Utopian Seed Project is a hands-in-the-earth organization committed to research trials on crop varieties in the Southeast to support diversity in food and farming. They are working towards an overarching vision to support food security in the face of climate change through diverse and regenerative agriculture.

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488: Chris Smith about Saving Seed Diversity

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