489: Abraham Noe-Hays on Fertilizer from Urine


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Changing the world by reclaiming nutrients lost from our bodies.

In This Podcast: What is your first thought when you think of using urine as fertilizer? Abraham Noe-Hays from the Rich Earth Institute may change your mind. Urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all things that we look for in a fertilizer. They create pollution in our wastewater system, but when added to the agricultural cycle they benefit our plants. Listen in and learn about urine diversion, and you'll honestly start to contemplate if you should begin peeing in your yard!

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Abraham is the Research Director of the Rich Earth Institute. He coordinates multidisciplinary research and demonstration efforts involving farmers, scientists, planners, and volunteer participants (aka "urine donors"), with the goal of developing tools to allow other communities to start recycling urine. A lifelong resident of Vermont, he has used alternative sanitation systems since 1976, and has been academically and professionally involved in their development since 2000.

The Rich Earth Institute is an organization operating the nation’s first community-scale urine recycling program. This program converts human urine into fertilizer for use on local farms. The initiative saves water, prevents pollution, and supports sustainable agriculture by turning a universal waste product into a valuable resource. 

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489: Abraham Noe-Hays on Fertilizer from Urine

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