551: Chloe Lieberman on Growing Calorie Crops


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Chloe Lieberman on farming corn and other small-scale staple crops.

In This Podcast: When one thinks of staple crops, what usually comes to mind is corn, wheat, and soybeans, yet Chloe Lieberman has worked with community farms around the world and discovered that there is an abundance of underutilized, calorie-dense types of crops. Listen in to learn about the value of staple crops, the processes of growing corn and wheat, and even learn how to make tortillas as Chloe shares the varieties of ancient grain corn that make the best tortillas.

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Chloe homesteads near Asheville, NC. She also writes and teaches for Wild Abundance, a school of permaculture, natural building, and homesteading that’s just down the road from Chloe’s farm. She and her partner raise dairy goats, ducks, a milk cow, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and herbs. One of Chloe’s great loves is growing staple crops: the kinds of plants that can be center stage during a meal. Along with growing food, Chloe is passionate about cooking and nutrition.

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Chloe Lieberman on Growing Calorie Crops.

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