Coronavirus Perspective: Milking Cows During a Pandemic; Dwayne Faber Returns!


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Dwayne Faber is one of the most recognized dairy farmers in the United States, living at one of the epicenters of the US Coronavirus outbreaks. We discuss the prison population, if Trump really is a war time president, the challenges of offering UBI during a crisis and what number comes after a "trillion dollar bailout."
Dwayne is very popular on Twitter: @Dfaber84
This is the seventh interview in the ongoing series of Coronavirus perspectives. I believe that society will have the rules re-written when we come out of this global pandemic and it is important to hear how various individuals and industries are handling themselves amidst the crisis.
This series seeks to reveal many perspectives that will otherwise be ignored by both mainstream media and you might not see on your social media channels.

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