Facebook Should End


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The Californians return to talk about the ethics of Facebook. Zach follows up on his article, “Facebook Should Shut Itself Down,” and tries to convince Dylan and Adam of his radical claim. In the episode they discuss potential objections to the idea—for example, that Facebook isn’t all that special, that the idea is too radical, that Facebook has surely done plenty of good, and whether, practically speaking, Zach’s argument is a waste of time. Other topics include the meaning of Facebook’s amorphous mission statement and what to make of Zuckerberg’s intentions. Plus, the famed supererogatory a posteriori deductions. Join the discussion! Read the source article: https://thevimblog.com/2018/01/22/facebook-should-shut-itself-down/ www.thevimblog.comwww.twitter.com/thevimblog

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